Kealing Middle School

Admissions Essay Test Session

Kealing Magnet Admissions Essay Test Session

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Students applying to the magnet program will need to participate in an Admissions Test that consists of ONE essay. Kealing Test Session will all be held in person and the essays will be hand-written. This essay is shared with Kealing and Lively Magnet in case a student wants to apply to both programs. They do not need to test twice. The Admissions Essay is a 30 minute timed essay where students receive 2 different quotes/prompts and choose 1 to analyze and answer. Students will be guided through the essay writing process and supervised by Kealing Staff. If a student receives extended time through Special Education or 504 accommodations they will be provided those services. 
Practice Prompt: Oscar Levant, a pianist and movie actor, said, “Happiness is not something you experience, it’s something you remember." Describe an event that you are happy to remember. Provide specific examples and details to support why this event was a special memory.
Students may bring the following items into the testing area: water and a quiet snack, a jacket or sweater, and a favortie pen or pencil (writing utincils will be provided if needed).  Parents are welcome to remain in the lobby area but are not allowed in the testing room. Please contact Anngela Watkins in the Magnet office at 512-414-3214 or with any questions.  The drop off area is in the back of the school off Salina Street. When you arrive at the front of the school, pass the front of the school then make a right onto Salina Street. Park in the parking lot to the right. There will be signs directing you to the essay admissions test location. 
Test Sessions:
  • December 02, 2023: 9am-10am or 11am-noon (virtual)
  • December 09, 2023: 9am-10am or 11am-noon (virtual)
  • December 16, 2023: 9am-10am or 11am-noon (virtual)
  • January 20, 2024:     9am-10am or 11am-noon (in person only)
2023 Essay Sessions: The Kealing session will be hosted online through zoom and students will utilize a secure test site to submit answers. Students will be in small break out rooms where they will be asked to have their cameras on and mics on to ensure a secured testing space. Students will receive a specific exam test code to access each assessment with the help of their small break out room proctor and will have zoom running in the background as they access the assessment. Please help your student by preparing a quiet, uninterrupted space where your student will be able to work independently and be focused as best to their ability.
2024 Essay Sessions: January 20th, 2024 has been an added opportunity for students who missed the December 2023 sessions. This session is in person only and the essays will be hand written unless the student has accommodations that state otherwise.