The Kealing Academy Program provides families with a sense of community. Serving students in grades 6th through 8th, we provide a rigorous and engaging curriculum, which supports the needs of students of a wide ability range. It is our priority to accommodate the social and emotional needs of our students, and we work together to provide a safe, nurturing environment.

The following structures make our core academic program strong:

  • Instruction guided by Reading, Writing, Inquiry, and Collaboration;
  • Cross disciplinary approach to allow connections to be made between core courses;
  • Learning Logs used for academic and self-reflection;
  • Accountable talk practiced in classrooms;
  • Gifted and Talented and Advanced Placement Strategies practiced in core classes.

In addition to remarkable core academics, Kealing Academy students participate in top-rated Fine Arts programs, engaging Career and Technology electives, award-winning Athletics programs, and a host of academic electives that reflect the diversity of interests and talents present on our campus.

Academy Program Office

Phone: 512-414-2707
Fax: 512-478-9133

Academy Administrative Assistant: Laura Miranda,

Academy Director: Ronda Jones,